It is fair to say we are living in an extraordinary age driven by technology, which is rapidly changing all our lives.


Here at DictateNow, we are very much at the epicentre of this changing landscape, and are not shy in voicing our hope and fears, and predictions for the future. We are, therefore proud to announce that we will be exhibiting and sponsoring an innovative event looking at the ramifications of today’s pressing issues for the legal profession.


Later this month, on the 25th September, along with The Lawyer magazine, we will be joining over 120 managing partners, CEOs and top-level business services leaders at the Business Leadership Summit, in London.


It is a day, where we look to the future, seeing how law firm’s here in the UK need to make careful strategic moves to adapt in an advancing world.

Often, due to the demands of our modern working lives, many good law firms do not feel they can take the time to properly look at upcoming challenges. However, this is a day when many can take stock.

It is vital for all firms, in law and elsewhere, to look at shaping their futures, and this annual event is a great hub for ideas and for senior law firm leaders from the UK and Europe, to create a melting pot, which is sure to inspire.

The summit is certain to give something to all those attending, with over 30 sessions ranging from brief talks on a variety of subjects to focused streams, roundtables, panel discussions and interviews.

We look forward to meeting many of you at this excellent event, which all of us will leave much the wiser.