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DictateNow proud to feature at leadership summit shaping the future of law

It is fair to say we are living in an extraordinary age driven by technology, which is rapidly changing all our lives.   Here at DictateNow, we are very much at the epicentre of this changing landscape, and are not shy in voicing our hope and fears, and predictions for the future. We are, therefore […]


Outsourcing dictation make financial sense for the legal market

We live in an era where law firms see outsourcing as a far more sensible option than a generation ago. Many solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals have come to the conclusion that having lots of support staff is unnecessary, when the evidence for transcription outsourcing is so compelling. After all, it is fair to […]


Law Society welcome DictateNow as new outsourcing partner

The Law Society of England and Wales has endorsed DictateNow as its preferred supplier for the next year. The announcement comes after an 18 month due diligence process. Welcoming the development, the Law Society of England and Wales President, Simon Davis said: “I am pleased to announce a partnership with DictateNow, a leading provider of […]


How to eliminate risk when outsourcing dictation services

Global outsourcing is huge business. In fact, 2019 is set to be a record year, and whilst it is a trend which will continue to grow as firms seek to be leaner and more efficient there is still a concern around risk to the business. The legal industry is by nature conservative, lawyers don’t buy […]


Understanding the art of Delegation in Legal Practice

Stress, mental health issues, burnout are terms never too far away when discussing the issues of the modern corporate lawyer. Indeed, even the most rudimentary research will show countless news and features from the legal press painting a gloomy picture of the 2019 legal professional as they try to keep their sanity in an increasingly […]


Maxine Park: Innovation – a word which complicates the simple

Is the word innovation being overused in the business world? I think it’s fair to say that it is almost becoming clichéd in a world where the spotlight on business leaders is now more intense than ever before. This opinion only crystallised to me last week at an event with our local law society in […]


Average keyboard speed shows folly of DIY typing for senior lawyers

What’s your typing speed? It’s a question that few who are not professional typists can answer, but in an era where so many of us spend countless hours at a laptop it is very relevant. This is especially the case if you are a highly experienced lawyer, working long hours in a profession where burning […]


DictateNow to take centre stage for law society event

To readers of our blog, it goes without saying that the legal sector plays a big role in the success story of our business. With this in mind, we do as much as we can to be a part of the legal community and especially so here, on the edges of London’s commuter belt, where […]


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