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Outsourcing non-core activities delivers the efficiency and cost-savings many organisations need to succeed. But there is a risk as the supply chain grows that any supplier failing through fire, flood, insolvency or cyber-crime could have as serious an impact on the client, as any incident they may suffer themselves.

Any business that outsources transcription services to DictateNow can rest assured that if anything goes seriously wrong, like an incident that denies us access to our offices, the service we deliver will not be interrupted, thanks to our ISO 22301:2012 certification.

This important standard for outsourcing businesses like DictateNow because it demonstrates we have a business continuity plan in place that we continually monitor, review, maintain and improve.

The standard is important if you have long-standing relationships with suppliers to deliver a quick, high-quality, efficient service that you and your clients rely on.

And remember, any organisation, in any sector, of any size or complexity can achieve certification if they demonstrate the same commitment to supporting their clients that we do.

Business Continuity Policy

ISO certification is held at Head Office

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