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The Perfect Dictator

There is a growing acceptance that dictation can improve efficiency and allow individuals more time to spend on valuable activities, but there is perhaps a
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Legal Abacus readers discover how to reduce the risks of employment tribunals

Solicitor and co-founder of transcription services provider DictateNow, Maxine Park recently explained to the readers of Legal Abacus magazine, the benefits of recording disciplinary or
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Launch of InTouchNow call handling service makes the news

News of our new call handling service has made an impact in the legal sector, with Legal IT Professionals the latest media outlet to feature
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Co-sourcing benefits explained for readers of Modern Law Magazine

Maxine Park explains the benefits of co-sourcing to the readers of Modern Law Magazine. Her article demonstrates how law firms can integrate external and internal
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Law firms reminded of outsourcing responsibilities

Legal IT Insider listens

Our own Maxine Park, solicitor and co-founder of DictateNow explained to...

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Introducing the Global Law Summit

DictateNow will be attending the Global Law Summit, 23-25 February. This auspicious event marks 800 years since the sealing of the Magna Carta, and
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Why you should insist on ISO 27001

When choosing an outsourcing partner, particularly one that will be trusted with valuable information, like dictation and transcription, the security of your data should be
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The benefits of dictation explained for SMEs

DictateNow co-founder Maxine Park explained why SMEs looking for greater efficiency and productivity should consider the advantages offered by digital dictation and outsourced transcription.
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Civil servants advised to avoid disciplinary pitfalls

Our article on the benefits of recording and transcribing disciplinary interviews, was featured on the Government Business website and in the July edition of the
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DictateNow sponsors Charity Bike Ride

DictateNow were a proud sponsor of the annual Stroke Association Charity Bike Ride which covered the Thames Bridges Bike Ride cycling route.
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Outsourcing digital dictation for practice managers

Maxine Park recently explained to the readers of Practice Management magazine that whilst outsourcing offers greater efficiency, primary care managers must not take short cuts
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Co-sourcing is the new outsourcing

Maxine Park recently explained to the readers of Solicitors Journal magazine, how integrating external and internal resources can help law firms cut costs and deliver
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Tips for delivering perfect dictation

DictateNow co-founder Maxine Park guides members of ILFM and readers of Legal Abacus magazine through the correct way of delivering dictation.
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InTouchNow UK-based call answering service launches

The continuing success of outsourcing and demand for additional services from clients has precipitated the launch of InTouchNow, our new call answering service
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Law Society practice note on outsourcing explained

Our own co-founder, Maxine Park has explained the responsibilities and risks for law firms, following the Law Society practice note on outsourcing, to the readers
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Top tips for delivering perfect dictation

DictateNow co-founder Maxine Park guides readers and subscribers of Practice Management magazine through how to deliver the perfect dictation.It provides insight on the type of
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DictateNow advises readers of Private Client Adviser

Maxine Park explains to readers and subscribers of Private Client Adviser, why law firms need to consider carefully the recent Practice Note on outsourcing issued
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Surveillance visit confirms continued ISO certification

Following a recent surveillance visit by auditors from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), we are pleased to confirm that we have achieved another year of
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Is Latin really a dead language?

Is Latin really a dead language? We transcribe dictations for thousands of lawyers and medical professionals who all regularly use Latin through necessity. But for...
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Snow on the way work from home

After a mild start to the winter, more severe weather is being predicted, with snow and ice likely to cause the usual problems for commuters.
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  T V Edwards LLP have used DictateNow for a significant period and have become reliant on the service. DictateNow provides an efficient and organised typing service which has become vital to T V Edwards LLP as we expand and increase our work load.

The advantage is that the typing is saved directly into T V Edwards LLP’s case management system which reduces the administrative time once the typing has been completed. Also, DictateNow are able to complete typing quickly which is essential for fee earners, particularly those who are out of the office at court and who are under time constraints.

DictateNow also provide a helpful telephone support service for any queries that arise providing a professional service.

Maria Adams
Family Solicitor
T V Edwards LLP